Hey Blondie!

Change of hair, change of life.. 

Reminiscing over the past few years.. I was the kind of girl that wouldn't dare to damage her hair more than a couple of blow-dries a week. Then I got bored, decided to go all in...

That is when blue happened. Then, left it alone for a while, letting it do its thing. until all of the sudden wanted to go blonde. Not just any blonde, but platinum blonde. Watched a gazillion videos, read many articles. It was until this summer that I had the guts, (and grew a healthy full head back).

Besides taking your biotin, using coconut oil regularly and also masking it all over your head the night before bleaching it. (Yes, it helps with control the damage). A good shampoo is a must, I am personally using Pureology Perfect for Platinum shampoo and conditioner. Besides your everyday shampoo you need the fun purple shampoo that will keep your head cool and take the brassiness away; like the one from Framesi -Color Lover Dynamic Blonde. Then if you want something extra, also from Framesi -Color Lover Moisture Rich Conditioner, Usually leave it as a mask for a few minutes while in the shower. 

The main purpose here is to find yourself a good hair artist. My natural hair is a dark brown, and I must say she did a great job, my hair wasn't really damaged. Ohh and by the way she convinced me not go platinum in one sitting. But rather take the process slowly.

Do you have a product you love or a regimen to protect your locks? If so, please let me know on the comments below :) 

Photos by Kristen Ashley from The Dreaming Rebelle
I am wearing: Dress from ZARA, Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters.