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Well, hello hello! 

 Sorry, I left the blog aside for a while. You know, life, the full time job, the other job, and not exactly laziness but let's say nowadays I enjoy my sleep more than when I was a teenager, even if still an average of 6 hours a night. 

On new beginnings - We label New Years as a fresh start but truth is, we can always give ourselves one, being each week or season. On starting or ending a new life path such as a relationship or a job. As a twenty something is when all of the sudden you loose one or a couple of those steady things in your life that you feel like the world is coming out to get you. It is your choice to sink like the Titanic (which is fine for a couple of days) or fight it back by focusing on what you love; family, friends, the gym, your dog, and or anything else makes your smile. 

On the outfit - An old love, the off shoulder trend is here and it's pretty strong. Even a happier moment; when you realize it pairs perfectly with your gym-wear (for that updated 80's look). 

Cheers to a great summer!

Photos by Kristen Ashley from The Dreaming Rebelle
I am wearing: Off the shoulder top Topshop, Workout tights Forever 21, Emma Sunglasses Urban Outfitters